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Canvases of Hope


Motion Screens is a Cinema Festival from the outskirts of Amazon Rainforest, featured by the locals inhabitants of those areas. Our goal is to democratize the cinema access in this area. In face of a pandemic scenario, the project has redirected its action into a combat against Covid-19. This year, the project served more than 200 families from peripheral neighborhoods and riverside communities in Belém, distributing basic food items, hygiene kits, masks and educational drawing kits.

Developed by the collective “Pretinta”, which teaches art classes in peripheral communities, this kit seeks to encourage children from the peripheries to build the story of a future where the population is saved and fights COVID-19.

As an action to “Laboratório de Emergência”, the goal of Hope Screens (title that also gives name to this stage of the work), is to put online an exclusive edition of the project. Through the development of the project's own website, we’ll share materials produced by the project since last year: documentary, photos and videos, action maps,work team, etc. Besides this, it will also be announced through this website a call to movies that want to participate at the online edition of the Festival.