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Free Furniture

Free Furniture: a platform to disseminate furniture and objects for domestic and common spaces


‘MÓVEL LIVRE’ is a collaborative platform for the dissemination of a catalog furniture with a free license. The project arises in the context of the new Coronavirus pandemic about how we - as architects and designers - could contribute to improving the home spaces of people who are dealing with some of the challenges of isolation: working, staying and living at home. We think of furniture as a domestic infrastructure - a layer of architecture - that can assist in daily activities and qualify people’s lives in their spaces. The Silo Emergency Lab brought the opportunity to expand the network of project collaborators, from different areas, who were able to contribute to formulate some of the questions that we will need to answer with the development of the project: How can we democratize and share knowledge that broadens the perception of spaces? How can people use their power to build and transform their close reality?


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