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The Third Edition of the Emergency Lab | COVID-19 | TURNING POINT: STRATEGIES AND NEW NARRATIVES convenes people who believe in collaboration and innovation in a digital space so they can together build solutions for the complex problems their communities are facing in light of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This third edition of the Lab is an initiative by Silo - Arte e Latitude Rural with the support of Instituto Procomum, Artigo19 and Digital Ocean, in partnership with Amerek, Bela Baderna,Careables, Casa Criatura, Lab Coco, Datalabe, Coletivo Etinerancias, Frena la Curva, Gambiologia, Gênero e Número, Horta Inteligente, Instituto Elos, Instituto Update, MediaLab.UFRJ, Mulheres do Futuro, Museu da Mantiqueira, No-Budget Science, Olabi, Pretalab, Redes da Maré,Segura a Onda, Think Olga and A Tramadora.

With a multidisciplinary character, the Lab promotes a meeting of cultures, forms of knowledge, and generations, as well as encourages dialogue between popular knowledge, science, and new technologies. Over five days of remote work, a digital space of strategic development connects the projects to different resources and capacities.

Launched through open calls, one for projects and another for collaborators, the Lab seeks above all to gather projects from urban and rural peripheries. Its role is to connect ideas with a large number of collaborators, disseminate these initiatives, assist in their structuring to make them replicable, and offer mentoring and an allowance to cover small costs. The Lab is a fully online event carried out by self-managed working groups through messaging platforms, video, audio and streaming tools.

The Emergency Lab is a collaborative proposal that fosters the development of projects through a participatory logic and using free licenses that allow the projects to be replicated and adapted to other contexts. Find out about the previous editions and other labs we have hosted here: Silo Laboratories

See the documentation of the previous editions